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How do I quit?

Click the ‘get started’ button below to start your quit journey.

Research shows you will be more successful in quitting if you receive great support. This support takes two forms:

  1. Support from a Quit Coach in a group or one-on-one setting, combined with
  2. Nicotine replacement therapy (if appropriate).

What is nicotine replacement therapy?

Nicotine replacement therapy aims to reduce the intensity of withdrawals and suppresses your urge to smoke.

The Pinnacle Stop Smoking Service will offer you nicotine replacement therapy if appropriate. It is provided free of charge.

 How will my Quit Coach support me?

Through the Pinnacle Stop Smoking Service, you will be given support through either a group session or one-on-one coaching. You choose which option is right for you.

The aim of this support is to boost your motivation to quit, and develop the ability to resist your urge to smoke ever again.

Where are group sessions held?

We run group sessions in many different community settings: homes, workplaces or in doctors’ clinics. If you sign up for a group session, we can help you find a group that best fits your needs.

If I choose one-on-one support, who will help me?

Pinnacle Stop Smoking Services will find a quit coach for you. This coach could be a local doctor or an expert working in the community. They could come to your home or meet you somewhere in your community.

How do I stay connected during the week?

Everyone enrolled in the Pinnacle Stop Smoking Service will have access to a variety of technological support systems.  This will allow you to keep in touch through text messages, phone calls, online groups, and the use of smart phones apps.