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Time matters in pregnancy and childhood

A child spends nine months in the womb.

These nine months are crucial for the health, development and survival of your child. Exposure to smoking during this time is not the same as exposure to smoking during nine months of adulthood; there is much more at stake.

If you are pregnant and smoking, it’s incredibly important you stop to protect your baby. A child needs a smokefree place to grow and develop during pregnancy in order to have the best chance at a healthy life.

Smoking can hurt your unborn baby

Every puff of smoke you take is going into your unborn baby’s little body.


  • All smoking is harmful
  • A smoke-exposed pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy
  • A smokefree start to your baby’s life gives them a healthy start
  • Nicotine replacement therapy is available for FREE and it can help

Smoking during pregnancy can cause problems such as:

  • Difficulty breastfeeding
  • Difficulty conceiving in the future
  • Difficulties with your baby’s health

Quit smoking now

By joining our six week stop smoking programme, Once and For All, you could receive up to $300 in reward vouchers.

Here’s how it works:

1. After signing up, we find a support person for you based on your location and preferences.
2. Your support person contacts you to enrol you in the programme.
3. You set a target quit date – the day you will quit smoking.
4. Your support person talks to you about what to expect and ways to fight cravings.
5. You see your support person each week for six weeks and blow into a machine, called a Smokerlyzer, to measure the amount of nicotine in your system.
6. Each week that you meet your support person and have your breath measured, you will have a $50 voucher ‘banked’ ready for you at the end of the six weeks.
7. At the end of week six, and you have been confirmed smokefree, you can collect the remaining $300 in vouchers.

Quitline has some great information on how smoking during pregnancy affects your baby and what you can do to quit.